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Exclusive Interview of Erika from Handful of Fashion

Posted on August 29 2013 in itw

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Exclusive Interview of Erika from Handful of Fashion

Here's some fantastic news guys !

If you're a fashion lover, you'll be more than happy to know that Erika from Handful of Fashion switched to OverBlog.

Handful of Fashion is basically a fashion and style UK blogger mainly focusing on clothing.

The way Overblog makes it easy to check your stats, make new publication and manage your own theme makes my blogging experience a lot less confusing so making frequent posts is a lot simpler!


Erika is happy to share this interview with you all. Here it is:

Erika, you're the founder and editor of Handful of Fashion. Can you please let us know more about it ?

I started Handful of Fashion as I wanted a place to document my style and as I experiment with different looks and pieces. I was inspired by other bloggers such as Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely and her amazing photography that she displayed on her blog. I’ve always been into photography, thrifting and styling so I thought creating my own blog would be a good way to develop my photography skills but also my knowledge in layering and styling my clothing. I didn’t think I would have any feed back at first, but after my 2nd or 3rd outfit post I started to get comments and page views which is always a benefit when blogging knowing that others are interested in what you have to say/wear so that also inspired me to carry on blogging.

When did you start blogging ? What motivated you to do it ?

I stared blogging about 3-4 years ago in 2010.
When I discovered my love for styling and photography I wanted to develop and grow and decided personal blogging would be the best way to do so.

Handful of Fashion is a famous fashion and style blog. What makes your blog so different from others ?

I don’t really know how to explain this question haha. But I think many younger girls can relate to my blog because I’m just a normal teenage girl who attends college, has a part time job to make money and does everyday normal activities. I don’t buy/wear extremely expensive designer pieces that people can’t afford, most of the clothes I can afford are high street branded and affordable prices so my readers are able to purchase most items or similar styles. This, I believe makes reading a blog far more enjoyable and realistic.

Your readership is brilliant: over 30.000 followers on Instagram, 6.500 on Facebook, 7.000 on Twitter… What role do social media play in relation to your blogging ?

Social media has really helped my name expand and develop a larger readership and following. With instagram especially I feel i am able to update a lot more frequently and share more personal photos that I wouldn’t perhaps on Handful of Fashion as it is more of a daily outfit based blog. It has also helped with setting up collaborations with different brands etc.

What do your think about the Overblog social hub ?

I’m just new to it right now, so still learning how to use it! But everything is very simple, organized and the staff are extremely helpful and respond quick to my queries.

Until recently, you were using another blog platform. What convinced you to move to Overblog?

I was impressed with how helpful the team is with my new theme and moving all my blog data over. The way Overblog makes it easy to check your stats, make new publication and manage your own theme makes my blogging experience a lot less confusing so making frequent posts is a lot simpler!

What are your future aspirations for Handful of Fashion ?

Just to keep blogging, updating and I hope to document my journey through university where I’ll be studying Fashion Communication and have lots to post and present to my readers as I think it’s a course that will interest them.

Do you have any advice to those who are striving to become successful fashion blogger ?

Make sure you are expressing who you are through your blogging and clothing choice as people follow you because they are interested in your individuality and are interested in seeing your point of view when it comes to fashion! Try make sure your images are clear and appropriate as good quality images can make your blog look a lot more professional and it shows your really making an effort too present your blog to your followers!

Exclusive Interview of Erika from Handful of Fashion


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